Sound Demo

This demo features the dry, raw sound of the synth with no added external effects or processing.

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Minilogue Patch Bank by Thoracius Appotite

The KORG minilogue has a warm, authentic analog character. I’ve attempted to recreate a bunch of classic retro '80s and '70s synth sounds, as well as exploring some of the more obscure capabilities of the Minilogue. The result is a patch bank of over 140 diverse presets.

Frequency Asked Questions

How Do I Get These Onto My Minilogue?
Just download the Minilogue Sound Librarian from KORG, and connect your Minilogue to your computer with a USB cable.

Will This Overwrite Existing Patches on my Minilogue?
With the Minilogue Sound Librarian you can create your own patch bank, mixing and matching my patches, factory patches, etc. as you wish. You can also back-up patches to your computer that you are not currently using.

Can you recreate the synth sound from ________?
I can sure give it a shot! I'd like to fill the pack up with requests from people, so send them my way. When I add new patches to the pack, people who have already purchased it can get free updates.

Are these patches compatible with the Minilogue XD or Prologue?
Unfortunately, no, these synths have different features. However, if you are interested in similar patch banks for these synths, let me know, and I'll get around to it eventually.


Download .zip

Thoracius Appotite's Minilogue

Contains over 140 all-original, custom-designed presets for the KORG minilogue.

Price: $22.22

Once you've completed checkout, be sure to follow the link back here from PayPal to initiate your download.