MicroKORG Sound Editor Troubleshooting Guide

The microKORG Sound Editor is free software from KORG for transferring patches (presets) back and forth between your computer and your microKORG via MIDI, as well as for editing those patches. Unfortunately, the software is clunky, and not at all self-explanatory. A few people who have bought my original patches for the MicroKORG have run into trouble loading them into their synths. From my experience, these are a few of the common problems people run into. Hopefully this information will…

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Adjusting settings on the MicroKORG

Taking Requests for Custom MicroKORG Presets

In recent months I’ve revisited my KORG microKORG and again started designing presets for it, adding over 90 new patches to the pack I sell for $15. My foray into synthesizer sound design began in 2002 when I picked up a used MicroKORG, my very first synthesizer. Thoracius AppotiteArtist, musician, producer, filmmaker, sound designer, photographer, and full-time dabbler based out of Reykjavík, Iceland.

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