Review: The Robinhood App is a Great Way to Dip Your Toes into the Stock Market

I’m writing this review because this is something I recently got into and I think my perspective could be helpful to other people. If you use my referral link we both get free stocks.

A few months ago I stumbled across an article about Robinhood, a stock market app that charges no commissions. I’d never had any interest in the stock market before — actually, I’ve always been a hardcore cynic. But since Robinhood is totally free I figured there was no harm in checking it out.

In retrospect it’s a no-brainer. Before, I was saving money in a savings account, earning close to no interest on it while inflation slowly ate away at its value. The stock market on the other hand returns on average something like 12% a year. With compounding that means that on average every 6 years you would double your money. I think a lot of people come from that same place of ambivalence that I was at before I tried Robinhood, so I’m going to walk through what I learned since then. Continue reading

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Joy Division Omni Vox/Solina synth patch for the MicroKORG XL

Somebody asked whether I had any Joy Division-sounding patches for the MicroKORG XL. I didn’t, so I decided to make one. It’s a bit difficult to play Joy Division stuff on the MicroKORG XL since usually the keyboard has a left hand and right hand part that are more than three octaves apart, but hopefully you get the idea.

I have a handful of other patches I’ve been working on for the MicroKORG XL that I’ve added to the patch bank. I’ll be preparing a video to show them off soon. If you have any requests, send them this way!