“Vintage Sounds” Patches for Arturia MicroFreak

Sound Demonstration

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Arturia MicroFreak Synth Patches

The MicroFreak from Arturia combines digital wavetable synthesis with an authentic analog filter in a super light-weight package. It place of normal keys, it features a two-octave, non-mechanical, capacitive-touch keyboard with aftertouch. The synthesis engine is very simple and includes no effects engine, but there are enough settings and routing options to make it a formidable and flexible synthesis machine.

As I often find, the factory presets leave a lot to be desired. The synthesizer is actually capable of so much more pleasing and interesting sounds.  So here I present my custom presets for the Arturia MicroFreak…

Classic Vintage/Retro Sounds

I’ve focused on recreating sounds that were popular during the 70’s and ’80s heyday of synthesis.  Leads, polysynths, pads, strings, brass, bass, organs, and more.

Introductory Offer – $17.99

I’ve created over 90 patches for the MicroFreak so far, but I’m only getting started.  So order now at the introductory price, and once I add more patches to the pack and start selling it at a higher price I’ll send you updates for free.  Also, I’m always taking requests, so send those my way and if I can pull off the sound, I’ll add it to the pack.

Download will start automatically at the end of the checkout process, just be sure to click the “back to website” link at the end.  Otherwise just email me and I’ll send you the download.