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My Minilogue Patch Bank is Out Now!

I made most of these patches in January, but never got around to creating a proper video to demo the sounds. So I decided to just throw together something just to get it out there now. I’m taking requests, so if you have a sound you want me to try to recreate, send it my way. Keep in mind the Minilogue is an extremely simple/limited synthesizer, so most of what I’ve been able to pull off on the microKORGs is not possible.

Here’s a better demo of the included e-piano sounds:

Head on over to my Minilogue Patch Bank page to order.

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Árni Vil “Hitchhikers Ride to the Pharmacy” Music Video

Here’s a recent music video that I shot. I also engineered the recording of the song.

This is the fastest music video project I’ve ever worked on. We shot all the material sequentially, and pretty much didn’t shoot more than we needed. So shooting only took a couple hours. All the editing and special effects only took a couple days — one day for the 3D car, and one day for the 3D camera position transitions.

I originally thought it would be no problem to just throw all the camera angles into some software like Fusion and it would take care of solving for all the camera positions, but I didn’t end up immediately figuring out how to do that, so I just used corner pins to fake the 3D dolly movement.

Northern Wave IFF

Best Icelandic Music Video, Northern Wave International Film Festival

I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time until now to update on something really exciting! A couple weeks ago I went to Rif on Snæfelsnes for the 10th Anniversary Northern Wave International Film Festival.

10th Northern Wave

The weekend was a lot of fun, and I saw a ton of interesting Icelandic and international short films. The music video I created for Jae Tyler’s “Life As a Wall” was among 14 selected for the Icelandic Music Video category, Continue reading

Review: The Robinhood App is a Great Way to Dip Your Toes into the Stock Market

I’m writing this review because this is something I recently got into and I think my perspective could be helpful to other people. If you use my referral link we both get free stocks.

A few months ago I stumbled across an article about Robinhood, a stock market app that charges no commissions. I’d never had any interest in the stock market before — actually, I’ve always been a hardcore cynic. But since Robinhood is totally free I figured there was no harm in checking it out.

In retrospect it’s a no-brainer. Before, I was saving money in a savings account, earning close to no interest on it while inflation slowly ate away at its value. The stock market on the other hand returns on average something like 12% a year. With compounding that means that on average every 6 years you would double your money. I think a lot of people come from that same place of ambivalence that I was at before I tried Robinhood, so I’m going to walk through what I learned since then. Continue reading

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Joy Division Omni Vox/Solina synth patch for the MicroKORG XL

Somebody asked whether I had any Joy Division-sounding patches for the MicroKORG XL. I didn’t, so I decided to make one. It’s a bit difficult to play Joy Division stuff on the MicroKORG XL since usually the keyboard has a left hand and right hand part that are more than three octaves apart, but hopefully you get the idea.

I have a handful of other patches I’ve been working on for the MicroKORG XL that I’ve added to the patch bank. I’ll be preparing a video to show them off soon. If you have any requests, send them this way!