microKORG XL Classic Retro 80s & 70s Patches

Currently totals over 100 original patches for the MicroKORG XL.  Tons of vintage, retro, lo-fi synths. Classic ’80s poly synths.  Listen to the video above for a demonstration of each individual patch.

Patch bank for the MicroKORG XL

For this bank I recreated some of my best patches for the original MicroKORG, while improving many to take advantage of the more powerful synthesis engine of the XL, as well as creating many new ones as well.

I’m taking requests so that I can fill up the blank slots in the library with the sounds you guys want.  Some of the sounds I’ve recreated by request so far include Mac Demarco, Tame Impala, Stranger Things, Joy Division, Gary Numan, The Beatles, Kate Bush, and The Doors.

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More Patch Demos

Sample Songs

Here are some songs performed using nothing but patches from this pack, with no external effects.


How do I install these on my MicroKORG XL?

Install the drivers and software from the KORG website and connect your MicroKORG XL to your computer via USB.

Are these compatible with the original MicroKORG?

No, my patches for the original MicroKORG are here.

Are these compatible with the MicroKORG XL+?

Yes, for the most part.  The only difference between the XL and the XL+ is that a few of the digital waveforms are different.  The vast majority of my patches don’t use digital waveforms.

Patch List

WORNPOLY: worn out, tune instable polysynth
MINIBOOG: Minimoog-style bass
MARTENOT: Ondes Martenot-style early synthesizer lead
JPTR ARP: 80s, Giorgio Moroder-, Neverending Story-, Jupiter-style arp
LETITSWL: swelling lo-fi poly synth wash in the style of Tame Impala-Let It Be
SLFOSCNZ: Self-oscillating resonant noise as popularized by Isao Tomita
SPACEWND: Space wind sfx
C O REFL: lo-fi bright 80s polysynth inspired by Mac Demarco’s “Chamber of Reflection”
DIGIBASS: 80’s digital bass, FM synthesis DX7-style
THORIOLI: inspired by 60s proto-synthesizer the Clavioline, very versatile saw wave lead, kraut rock
NANGBANG: pulsating lo-fi polysynth inspired by Tame Impala’s “Nangs”
80SCHOIR: 80s-style synth choir
FARFISA: modeled after a Farfisa Mini Compact, made famous by 60s garage rock, the B52s, Blondie
FREAKYZ: new wave-sounding, weird
LSTYRSBS: wide, unison, chorus bass
THEREMIN: expressive theremin patch, use mod wheel to increase volume and vibrato
LOFIPULS: pulsating lo-fi poly synth
PHSSTRMH: phased string machine, vaguely like an eminent through a small stone ALA Jean-Michel Jarre
MDEMARCO: smokey lo-fi, mangled cassette tape, VHS, organ ALA Mac Demarco
ANADRUMS: analog drums: kick, snare, toms
SQRSIZZL: bright, sizzly square wave poly synth
YUKIBASS: 80s bass
FMUFOPAD: FM-style digital glass pad, UFO
LOFI PNO: lo-fi, cassette tape walkman piano, intimate
FM MRMBA: DX7-style digital FM marimba
BLSTBRSS: 80s blast brass poly synth
CHORBASS: chorus, wide, bass
RTROWVLD: retrowave lead
POPCORN:classic square wave, very quick transient sound ala Hot Butter
SPRNTRL: supernatural pad
PERCORGN: lo-fi organ with a percussive attack
DAFTTALK: vocal/vocoder/talkbox-sounding lead ALA Daft Punk
NOIZSYNC: rich, fuzzy pad
NEWAGEEP: warm, new age e-piano
NOISEHH: classic synthesizer hi-hat
OH KEYS: 80s digital, DX7-style, vocal piano
LOFICHSQ: lo-fi, chorus, square wave poly synth
SHRDBASS: shred bass, mellow distorted bass with no attack
CONNLEAD: bright retro poly synth lead
WOW WASH: swelling frequency sweep pad
LOFIFMEP: lo-fi, FM, DX7-style e-piano, vhs fulltines
DULCI: hammered dulcimer, zither, acoustic, new age, boxy-sounding, koto
JUNOBARO: Juno-style poly synth with bright, resonant attack, 80s baroque synthesizer harpsichord
80S BASS: Classic 80s bass with short transient attack
ADNTARP: Fantasy/adventure arp
TRANSORG: 60s transistor organ
SCIFIGOO: sci-fi goo sfx, soundtrack, horror, drone
BELLYBTN: old static-y polysynth with decades of dust in the pots
PRCNT13: bass inspired by John Carpenter’s Precinct 13
VC3SLEAD: early synthesizer lead, inspired by EMS VC3s and BBC Radiophonic Workshop
BUCHLARP: early synthesizer arp, inspired by Buchla
PWMPAD: warm, pulse-width modulation pad
MOFGREEN: warm, synthesizer e-piano, with hints of Vangelis
POPS: toy keyboard pop sound, inspired by casio
NEWAVESQ: new wave square wave poly synth
ITALOBSS: italo disco bass
VOXHUMAN: modeled after Polymoog Vox Humana, as used by Gary Numan on Cars, Airlane, …
M80N ARP: 80s arp
THEDOORS: Vox Continental-style organ ALA Light My Fire
DRGD CHR: drugged choir
BADCOP: Another 80s polysynth, warm
MERMAID: similar to a theremin
PHASRSTR: phaser strings
TOYFNTSY: toy keyboard fantasy preset, inspired by Yamaha PSR
DRFTBRSS: drift brass, mangled brass sound
STEAMPAD: steam pad, inspired by Ensoniq SQ-80
SYNCSZL: poly synth with bright sizzle
HRMONIUM: synthesizer harmonium, accordion
SPRSTITN: clavichord, modeled after Stevie Wonder’s Superstition
XMODDEST: strange sound utilizing cross modulation
CHEESHRN: 80s analog poly synth horn/brass
BIGBOTTM: bass with big low end
TROMBONE: analog french horn, synthesizer trombone
DRTYWRLY: dirty, vibrato, lo-fi Wurlitzer-influenced patch
MDLRGONG: early synthesizer analog modular gong sound
MELLOPOP: soft, mellow, pop
NEWAVEBL: new wave analog poly synth bell
NOIZPAD: harmonically interesting pad
VLCTYPOL: another 80s analog poly synth, velocity sensitive
STACKSAW: lo-fi, stacked, detuned saw tooths
HARPSI: acoustic harpsichord
STRKIDS: emulated after Kids from the Stranger Things OST, sounds like a Roland Juno
STRGRTHN: emulated after the theme song from Stranger Things, sounds like a Minimoog bass
XSAWARP: early 80s saw wave arp
SLOW STR: string section with slow attack
FM BELL: DX7-like 80s FM synthesis bell sound, with choir-like overtones

60 thoughts on “microKORG XL Classic Retro 80s & 70s Patches

  1. Constantine says:

    Hello mate, just bought these and love them. One question though, as I cannot find the Radiohead and Dr. Who patches. Any help please?

    • THoracius Apporite says:

      The Radiohead patch is called SUKALEMON or something like that.

      I used a lot of different patches for the Dr Who cover, but they’re definitely all on there. Which sound in particular were you wondering about?

  2. John Leclerc says:

    How do you download these patches ? Do you have to download software first? Just need a step by step. Just purchased the Korg microkorg xl snd would love these 80’s patches. I have an Imac computer.

  3. raph says:


    I just purchased the patches. But im unable to load them into my Microkorg XL+.
    Midi works with Ableton but as soon as i hit “receive current programm” in the sound editor it says, “Microkorg is not connecten on the sxpecified port”. what does that mean?

  4. Aidan Rominger says:

    If I’m looking to buy the KORG MicroKORG XL and am hoping to use these synths via Ableton Live 9, would these patches be compatible?

  5. Vitor says:

    I read that the patch will work on XL+ but, will it sound near your original patch or will it be completely different?

  6. Andrea Z. says:

    Hi, does the library MICROKORG XL CLASSIC RETRO 80S & 70S PATCHES for the microkorg xl plus contain some typical sound from Mellotron?

    How many?

    • Thoracius Appotite says:

      There’s a mellotron choir and a mellotron string emulation. They’re not great. Limited by the capabilities of the synthesizer.

  7. Thomas says:

    Dear Thor,

    I just purchased your MICROKORG XL CLASSIC RETRO 80S & 70S PATCHES (see paypal receipt below), but I was unable to download the patches as I paid the order with my iphone and the files did not seem to download on my phone’s browser…

    Can you please send me the download link again by e-mail?

    Thanks beforehand,


  8. Adrian Gamero says:

    hi! I just purchased this patch for microKORG XL and I was wondering when I should receive the download file

  9. jonny says:

    Hi. Do the 80’s Retro patches include the ‘Everything in its right place’ patch. Buying these now.

  10. Ian Downer says:

    Many thanks Thoracius for a truly inspiring set of patches!! Rediscovering my XL and can’t stop smiling at the results:)

  11. Chris says:

    yo i bought the patches for the xl/xl plus and i cant open the file…..i have a microkorg xl plus and the xl plus sound editor on macbook…please help…

  12. Jacob says:

    After recently purchasing a MicroKorg XL, I stumbled across this library. If you’re hesitant about purchasing it, there’s no need to be. There are so many great presets in this library that will fit into just about any project that you’re currently working on. Thanks for providing such a rich library, can’t wait to use some of these soon!

  13. Facundo says:

    Hi. I will buy a Microkorg Xl and would like to buy the sound patch (mac demarco, tame impala, etc.) I need to pay with a visa card, will it be possible?

  14. lara says:

    Hi, I’m Lara, I bought your patches on the last september or october 2017 and I installeted the Microkorg sound editor and korg usb midi (I use a mac). Anyway when I open your folder I see only these files: the first is a txt called readme-thoracius mk xl.txt, and second file thoracius appotite microkorg…hes.mkxl_all, unfortunately I can not open the second folder.
    Can you help me please?
    Best regards!

  15. Jay says:

    If I was to purchase these do I have to upload all patches at once or can I just upload them individually? I don’t want to lose all of the preset sounds.

  16. Preston says:

    I just purchased The Microkorg XL Patches to put on my XL +. Where can i find the purchased patches? I downloaded the Sound Editior but can’t find anything you’ve sent.

  17. Lauri says:

    How about a cheap but smooth sounding afrobeat-organ patch (Viscount intercontinental imperial organ) like f.ex. in Fela Kuti’s Water get no enemy or The Souljazz Orchestra’s Bibinay?

    Another what I’ve been trying to patch without a very good result is Roy Ayer’s Everybody Loves The Sunshine synth that answers to the piano chords in the beginning of the song.

    • Lauri says:

      …and just found out that you’d already made the Roy Ayer’s -sound for the original MicroKorg! Great! Possible to patch the same kind for the XL as well?


  18. Miguel says:


    I’m going to buy your pack anyway, but Is it possible for you to recreate the sound of the moog rogue bass Tina Weymouth uses in Stop Making Sense? That would be great. I’m searching it for a long time. And the Prophet’s 5 from the same concert?

    Thank you

  19. Paul. C says:

    hi – great work!
    Could you do some Depeche Mode influenced patches – particularly Enjoy the silence and Violator era?

    Prodigy and Fad Gadget would be amazing too!

  20. Paul. C says:

    hi – great work!

    Could you do some Depeche Mode influenced patches – particularly Enjoy the silence and Violator era?

  21. Matt P says:

    These are awesome! Thanks!

    If you’re still taking requests, I’m looking for a MIDI harmonica type sound. I don’t even know where to start with that synthesis-wise.

  22. Michael says:

    I just bought your patches. Fantastic stuff! Very nicely designed and well worth the $16. I look forward to using some in my recordings. Thank you! I am in 80’s heaven. The Moog bass patch……wow.

  23. Emir Mahendra says:

    i just bought your microkorg xl plus retro patches, but i dont know how to put it to my microkorg xl plus. can you help me to explain it how to instal step by step? thanks!

    • Thoracius Appotite says:

      So for the XL+ you need to download the MicroKORG XL+ Sound Editor from the KORG website. Then open up that program, and go to File->Open and for “Types of Files” select “All Types of Files (*.*)” and find the file I sent you. It should open up no problem. Let me know if you run into any trouble with that.

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