Sound Demo

These demos features the dry, raw sound of the synth with no added external effects or processing.

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MicroFreak Patch Bank by Thoracius Appotite

The MicroFreak from Arturia combines digital wavetable synthesis with an genuine analog filter in a super light-weight package. In place of normal keys it features a two-octave capacitive-touch keyboard with aftertouch. The synthesis engine is very simple and lacks an effects engine, but there are enough settings and routing options to make it a formidable and flexible synthesis machine.

As I often find, the factory presets leave a lot to be desired. The synthesizer is actually capable of so much more pleasing and interesting sounds. So here I present my custom presets for the Arturia MicroFreak…

Analog Meets Digital

I started by recreating the type of classic, retro '70s and '80s synth sounds I've done on my previous analog and virtual analog synthesizer banks. However, as I became more acquainted with the MicroFreak, I leaned more and more into the digital "waveforms" offered and discovered this is where a lot of the unique character on this synthesizer is to be found. The result is a healthy blend of analog-, digital-, and hybrid-style presets for your enjoyment and inspiration. Leads, pianos, polysynths, pads, strings, brass, bass, organs, arps, and more.

Frequency Asked Questions

Q: How do I get these sounds onto my synth?
A: Download the software from the Arturia website and connect your MicroFreak to your computer using a USB cable. Import either the "project" or "bank" file included in your download. Then click the button to send the patches to your MicroFreak.

Q: Can you recreate the synth sound from _______?
A: The MicroFreak is extremely limited in its sound-sculpting capabilities. It also has no effects engine at all. I love to receive your requests and will take a shot at it, but bare in mind that there are many things the MicroFreak simply cannot do.

Q: I already bought the old version of your MicroFreak preset pack that had only 90 patches. Can you send me the new patches?
A: Yes, no problem. Just shoot me an email and I'll send you the new file.


Download .zip

Thoracius Appotite's MicroFreak

Contains over 260 all-original, custom-designed presets for the Arturia MicroFreak.

Price: $24.99

Once you've completed checkout, be sure to follow the link back here from PayPal to initiate your download.

People have been reporting problems with the PayPal link the past few days. If it doesn't work, just manually send me the money in PayPal to, write in the memo what it's for, and I will send you the download link ASAP.