Best Icelandic Music Video, Northern Wave International Film Festival

Posted 2017 11 18. #news

I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time until now to update on something really exciting! A couple weeks ago I went to Rif on Snæfelsnes for the 10th Anniversary Northern Wave International Film Festival. The weekend was a lot of fun, and I saw a ton of interesting Icelandic and international short films. The music video I created for Jae Tyler’s “Life As a Wall” was among 14 selected for the Icelandic Music Video category, and it won! Many…

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Robinhood Stock Trading First Impressions

Posted 2017 10 23. #reviews

I’m writing this review because this is something I recently got into and I think my perspective could be helpful to other people. If you use my referral link we both get free stocks. A few months ago I stumbled across an article about Robinhood, a stock market app that charges no commissions. I’d never had any interest in the stock market before — actually, I’ve always been a hardcore cynic. But since Robinhood is totally free I figured there…

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Joy Division Omni Vox/Solina synth patch for the MicroKORG XL

Posted 2017 10 02. #microkorg-xl

Somebody asked whether I had any Joy Division-sounding patches for the MicroKORG XL. I didn’t, so I decided to make one. It’s a bit difficult to play Joy Division stuff on the MicroKORG XL since usually the keyboard has a left hand and right hand part that are more than three octaves apart, but hopefully you get the idea. I have a handful of other patches I’ve been working on for the MicroKORG XL that I’ve added to the patch…

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Theme from "Dr Who" on MicroKORG XL

Posted 2017 10 01. #microkorg-xl

I recorded a cover of the Dr Who theme song, pretty close to the original version using only patches from my custom MicroKORG XL patch bank, with only some compression and reverb thrown on the master track just to give it some more vintage vibe.

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Switched-On Moonlight Sonata (Beethoven via MicroKORG XL)

Posted 2017 08 23. #microkorg-xl

I recorded this rendition of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata using only patches from my patch bank for the MicroKORG XL, with a nod to Wendy Carlos’s pioneering early synthesizer albums such as Switched-On Bach, the Clockwork Orange OST, The Well-Tempered Synthesizer.

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MicroKORG Patch Library Update 1

Posted 2017 08 20. #microkorg

Added a bunch of new patches to my microKORG patch bank, bringing the total to 135.

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MicroKORG XL Patches on Nocheósfera - Interiores (EP)

Posted 2017 08 20. #microkorg-xl

I got an email from a guy who used my MicroKORG XL patches on his new album: Hi man I wanted to show you my last album called “interiores”, where i used most of your new sounds for MicrokorgXL+, it sounds great! Thanks for your awesome bank! Here is the link to my album: See you! Check it out!

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Ebay vs. Craigslist vs.

Posted 2017 02 03. #reviews

I compare Ebay, Craigslist, and Which is the best for selling musical instruments and equipment online?

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Troubleshooting Guide for the MicroKORG Sound Editor

Posted 2017 01 09. #microkorg

Having trouble transferring patches you downloaded from the internet onto your MicroKORG using the KORG MicroKORG Sound Editor? Here are some things you can try to get it to work.

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Taking Requests for Custom MicroKORG Presets

Posted 2017 01 01. #microkorg

In recent months I’ve revisited my KORG microKORG and again started designing presets for it, adding over 90 new patches to the pack I sell for $15. My foray into synthesizer sound design began in 2002 when I picked up a used MicroKORG, my very first synthesizer. Being both technically minded and having a good ear for timbres, I quickly developed a knack for emulating sounds. — a skill I’ve been honing ever since. If there’s some sound out there that people are dying to be able to…

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Hello, World!

Posted 2016 12 23. #news

Welcome! I’m rolling out this new website incrementally and will probably be changing things around quite a bit as I figure out how to best present everything. I used to maintain a personal blog at, which doubled as the official website for Just Another Snake Cult, a musical project which at the time I’d decided to make the focus of all my energies. In a sense my life was inseparable from that project, and so it made sense that my personal…

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