Sound Demo

This demo features the dry, raw sound of the synth with no added external effects or processing.

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Monologue Patch Bank by Thoracius Appotite

The KORG monologue is a fun, small, simple little mono-synth. As usual, I've created a patch bank with a focus on a wide variety of playable classic keyboard sounds. They run the gamut from soft and quirky to heavy and phat.

With this patch bank, I've tried to create many traditional early synthesizer type sounds — the type of synths you'd hear from the era of Hot Butter's Popcorn, Wendy Carlos's Switched-On Batch, Mort Garson's Plantasia, Isao Tomita's Snowflakes Are Dancing.

I'm still going to work some more on honing this bank, but wanted to present it now to anybody who has been waiting. As always, updates to the pack will be free.

Since the monologue lacks any sort of internal effects, I recommend running it through an external reverb or delay to bring out life in the sounds.

Frequency Asked Questions

How Do I Get These Onto My Monologue?
Just download the Monologue Sound Librarian from KORG, and connect your Monologue to your computer with a USB cable (or MIDI).

Will This Overwrite Existing Patches on my Monologue?
With the Monologue Sound Librarian you can create your own patch bank, mixing and matching my patches, factory patches, etc. as you wish. You can also back-up patches to your computer that you are not currently using.


Download .zip

Thoracius Appotite's Monologue

Contains 85 all-original, custom-designed presets for the KORG monologue.

Price: $15.00 $9.99 introductory offer!

Once you've completed checkout, be sure to follow the link back here from PayPal to initiate your download.

People have been reporting problems with the PayPal link the past few days. If it doesn't work, just manually send me the money in PayPal to, write in the memo what it's for, and I will send you the download link ASAP.