Sound Demo

These demos features the dry, raw sound of the synth with no added external effects or processing.

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MiniFreak Patch Bank by Thoracius Appotite

The MiniFreak takes the MicroFreak concept and expands it with dual oscillators, dual LFO, a normal mini keybed, built-in effects, and an expanded modulation matrix. Basically, it adds everything that was missing from the MicroFreak in order to be a competitor to the MicroKORG.

As always, I've recreated a ton of classic, retro, vintage-sounding synth patches for this patch bank. Listen to the audio demo on the lefthand side for a complete idea of where this patch bank currently stands. I've also recreated the sounds from various cool songs.

I'm always improving my patch banks after releasing them. So any updates will be free, if you buy it now.

Frequency Asked Questions

Q: How do I get these sounds onto my synth?
A: Download the MiniFreak V software from the Arturia website and connect your MiniFreak to your computer using a USB cable. Import "bank" file included in your download. Then click the button to send the patches to your MiniFreak.

Q: Can you recreate the synth sound from _______?
A: Now is a great time to send me your requests.


Download .zip

Thoracius Appotite's MiniFreak

100+ patches, plus free updates.

Price: $25.99

Once you've completed checkout, be sure to follow the link back here from PayPal to automatically initiate your download. Email me if you have any problems.