Minilogue Patches

This patch bank currently includes over 140 original patches. I’ve attempted to recreate a bunch of classic retro 80s and 70s synth patches, as well as exploring some of the more obscure capabilities of the Minilogue.

Price: $19.99

Be sure to click “Return To Website” at the end of the checkout in order to start your download. Feel free to email me if you have any problems or questions:


How Do I Get These Onto My Minilogue?

Just download the Minilogue Sound Librarian from KORG, and connect your Minilogue to your computer with a USB cable.

Will This Overwrite Existing Patches on my Minilogue?

With the Minilogue Sound Librarian you can create your own patch bank, mixing and matching my patches, factory patches, etc. as you wish. You can also back-up patches to your computer that you are not currently using.

Can you recreate the synth sound from ________?

I can sure give it a shot! People who have already purchased the patch bank can get free updates whenever I add more to the bank.

More Sound Demos

5 thoughts on “Minilogue Patches

  1. Liam Merrick says:

    Hello! I’m looking to get some mellotron sounds from either a mikrokorg or a minilogue. Do you have a patch for this on either synth?


    • Thoracius Appotite says:

      I don’t think you’ll ever get a super convincing Mellotron sound out of an analog synth or analog-modelling synth. I have some sounds that come close. What kind of Mellotron sound do you have in mind?

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