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Hello world!

Welcome!  I’m rolling out this new website incrementally and will probably be changing things around quite a bit as I figure out how to best present everything.

I used to maintain a personal blog at, which doubled as the official website for Just Another Snake Cult, a musical project which at the time I’d decided to make the focus of all my energies. In a sense my life was inseparable from that project, and so it made sense that my personal internet presence fell under that umbrella. After a few years I disbanded the blog aspect of the site; I found it redundant to all the social media accounts I was also running. Also, I’d become a bit disillusioned as power structures on the internet shifted further and further from horizontal to vertical.

This was especially apparent in music world.  The Great Music Fan Blog had died a quiet death.  In its stead, the Music Media Company owned by the Music Media Conglomerate reigns supreme (though with the exception of maybe three or four are for the most part impotent).  The old school song and dance of music promotion is here to stay. Gate-keeping leaches.

I feel like I did what I could do with Just Another Snake Cult, and am now focusing my energies once again more broadly.

I’m producing albums for others; I’m working on various albums of my own music that will be presented under different names; I’m producing music videos for myself and others;  I’m photographing concerts; I’m creating synthesizer patches… In short, I’m expressing myself creatively in whatever medium best suits that expression.

I’ll be filling this website with my portfolio (which in the meantime you can view a version of on Behance), as well as making it the home to any projects I have going on, and any products I have for sale.

I have some novel ideas for how to sell my next album, so keep posted for that.

The first thing I’ve moved here is my pack of MicroKORG patches, which I sell for $15. Originally I created these patches for me to use in my bands, and one day decided on a whim to sell them from my band’s blog.  For too long they’ve been orphaned there.  As I’ve recently quadrupled the amount of patches in the library, it’s long overdue that they got a proper home.  Shortly I’ll be adding even more patches, and creating themed packs.

And finally, I’ll be blogging here.  I’ll give case studies for my various projects.  I’ll write tutorials.  I’ll review things.  I’ll speculate.  I might even put my philosophy degree to use.

In the meantime, excuse my dust.

12 thoughts on “Hello world!

    • Thoracius Appotite says:

      Yes, people have reported that it works fine. Judt make sure you have the latest version of the microkorg sound editor software.

  1. Mark Schmitz says:

    Hey man I am interested in picking up your patchbank for the Microkorg. I really like the sound WORNPOLY you have for the Microkorg XL pack. I was wondering if you have this patch available or something similar for the standard Microkorg pack? Thanks!

    • Thoracius Appotite says:

      Hey just saw your comment. Yes, there is pretty much an identical patch in my original microkorg patch bank — two variation on it actually.

    • Thoracius Appotite says:

      Just reload the factory patches onto your microKORG to use the vocoder patches. My pack doesn’t include any vocoder patches. You can also use the microkorg sound editor software to selectively load I which patches you want on your mk. So you could load mine and some of the factory vocoder patches as you wish .

  2. Jesse says:

    Hey, I just bought your Microkorg XL patch library and I have yet to receive any sort of download link. If you could please help me with receiving my purchase that would be great, thank you.

  3. Theodore Page says:

    Hey there, just bought your pack but did it off my crappy phone like a dum dum and can’t open. Any way to have it resent to my email or something to get it on my computer? Thanks so much for sharing! Really excited to use these sounds

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