MicroKORG Patch Library Update 1

My MicroKORG Patch Library now contains over 130 patches. Here are the new sounds I’ve added since I posted the last youtube video.

  • “Everybody loves the sunshine” lead
  • “white black jesus” bass
  • polymoog vox humana
  • vhs organ
  • mellotron-ish choir (kind of)
  • expressive theremin
  • ems vc3s lead
  • supernatural pad
  • space wind sfx
  • saxy lead
  • post-apocalyptic arp
  • ondes martenot lead
  • led zep “no quarter” e-piano
  • driven lo-fi poly synth
  • lo-fi wow wash
  • lo-fi pulsating pad
  • lo-fi ambient pad
  • leslied-out hammond organ
  • leslie clean organ
  • harpsichord
  • funky modular lead
  • mellow dx-epiano
  • mellow drive organ
  • digital oh-keys
  • digital bell arp
  • complex 80s groove sequence
  • ‘superstitious’ Clavinet (adjustable tone)
  • chill percussive organ
  • buchla arp
  • beach organ
  • bad cop polysynth
  • science adventure arp
  • bpf pad

Find the whole pack here: https://www.thoracius.com/microkorg-patches/

One thought on “MicroKORG Patch Library Update 1

  1. Thomas Österberg says:

    Hey man, guess I’ll try get in touch with you here as well 🙂 I bought your vintage patches for the Microkorg a couple of days ago but missed the download at the end. Can you please send them to me.

    All the best / Thomas

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