Music Video: Árni Vil "Hitchhikers Ride to the Pharmacy"

Posted by Thoracius Appotite 2018-03-25T19:05:33+00:00

Here’s a recent music video that I shot and edited. (I also engineered the recording of the song.)

This is the fastest music video project I’ve ever worked on. We shot all the material sequentially, and pretty much didn’t shoot more than we needed. So shooting only took a couple hours. All the editing and special effects only took a couple days — one day for the 3D car, and one day for the 3D camera position transitions.

I originally thought it would be no problem to just throw all the camera angles into some software like Fusion and it would take care of solving for all the camera positions, but I didn’t end up immediately figuring out how to do that, so I just used corner pins to fake the 3D dolly movement.